Sunday, August 20, 2006

Advise to Ithaca College and Cornell Students:


Advise - Perspective:

You are at an important time of your life, the University College years. It is during your education that you enjoy something call academic freedom. Thus thoughts, ideals, abstractual thinking, and creative processes are more important than, at times, actual realities.

Your personal character, your physical being, including your sexuality, the youthful right to be silly and fun loving, and the leading factor why you are getting an education should all be given equal weight. The reason, and more importantly the emotional instincts which you are feeling during these years, it that in American culture this can only be experienced under the protective cloak of academia's IVY of academic freedoms; the essence of you coming face to face, cautiously, with your own consciousness, well being, and future social, cultural, economic, and spiritual expectations after campus life, all the while having the best fun in your life.

Thus, and in complete understanding of all what was commented on, my advise is to never forget the commonality of the human quality of humility, and be kinder, in personal infraspection, to others around you during this time.


Mr. Roger M. Christian / Kidon ben Avramchaim

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