Monday, December 04, 2006

Ithaca Politics:

Ithaca's political nature is govern by a string of coalitions between various social and cultural segments which seeks their own mini spheres of control while at the sametime pleading their central cause of Ithaca being idealistic community ( This was once described to me as ' The Movement ' ).

What is entailed is the actual political realities which often are ingnored;from fear by the present rulling coalition from lossing control-they can not adpat to the real circumstance both politically, socially and economically which pertain to Ithaca.

As of 2006, the small economic growth felt every where in Tompkins county comes a trickle down effect between large urban centers to mid level urban centers. In Ithaca's case the communities who saw a boom in 2004 where both New York City and Syracuse New York ( adjusted from 2005 ). Moreover, and since the slow down in New York City was felt in August 2006, Ithaca's present boom can only last until February 2008, or not unless something else happen to increase the industrial or cultural manufactoring base by at least 30 %.

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