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The Ithaca Downtown Partnership (IDP),
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The Ithaca Downtown Partnership (IDP), also known as the Downtown Ithaca Business Improvement District (DIBID), is a State of New York chartered not-for-profit organization charged with the revitalization, development, promotion and management of downtown Ithaca.
The Ithaca Downtown Partnership has adopted the following vision statement to guide its work and operation: “Downtown Ithaca is the economic, social, and cultural heart of Tompkins County.
The Ithaca Downtown Partnership will strive to preserve and develop the central downtown core as the region’s center for banking and finance, business and professional offices, government and community services, downtown residences, and as a retail destination highlighted by specialty shops, restaurants, arts and entertainment. Downtown serves people who live and work downtown, city and county residents, college communities, area visitors and tourists."

The Ithaca Downtown Partnership (IDP) was founded in 1997 as the Downtown Ithaca Business Improvement District. The IDP is governed by a 22 member Board of Directors. (see external links below). There are 19 voting members and 3 non-voting ex-officio members.
The IDP has prepared and approved a “Downtown Ithaca Ten-Year Development Strategy”. This strategic plan provide the blueprint and guidelines for downtown development from 2000 – 2010. Each annual work plan addresses a portion of this strategic plan.

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