Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's got to be comfortable and sheer attractive:
Chapter One:
Eight Part Series:

Styles, fashions, trendsetters, and what women are wearing represents one of the most interesting - fascinating chapters in human creative behaviors. The great depth, and the powerful creative imaginations necessary to maintain independence of styles are depicted on several fashion runways of the eight major fashions capitals of the world, and countless other communities.

This has always caught my attention, and not only from the male appreciative admiration of the beautiful female fashions models. More directly from the perspective of the very nimble minds and even harder efforts to make reality what the mind is attempting to produce - which went behind each design.

None the less, it is the importance of this one behavior in which an idenity is derived, and how a society wishes to represent itself which links every other culture to others in a central commonality to produce beauty. Looking at the present culture of fashions, haut couture, and the importance of its presence within society one has to first look at the foundations of the modern prototypical promotion of the fashions industry. Yes, and if you really do not know already means I will be writing about Paris, France. Yet one historic personality whose contribution to fashions is little known by most.

Chapter ONE: See King Louis XIV.

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