Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ithaca Freecycle (TM)

The concept is simple: you have something you no longer need (a couch, crib, etc.) and you wish to "recycle" it rather than throw it away. Or you're looking for a specific item, and you'd love getting it for free. Ithaca Freecycle (TM) is the place you can post notices about items you'd like to give away and find things that you need. The only requirement is that the transfer of an item from one person to another has to be FREE.

Through Ithaca Freecycle, we can help the environment by diverting useful items from landfills while also helping members of our local community. Everybody has something they want to get rid of, so instead of dragging it out to the curb and filling the landfills, wouldn't it be better to connect to someone who probably wants what you have? All individuals and charitable organizations in the region are welcome to participate. Our main geographic focus is Ithaca, New York and surrounding towns. To find the Freecycle group closest to you, check out the link for the worldwide Freecycle site below.

We do have a few rules that you must follow in order to participate in the online group, so be sure to read those before posting your first message. Ithaca Freecycle guidelines are automatically emailed to all new members and also posted to the list once every month. The guidelines can always be found in the FILES section of this site as well.

For more general information about the Freecycle movement, check out the Worldwide Freecycle Network at

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