Monday, October 06, 2008

To uplift the ability of community to compete with the new emerging dynamics of gloablization and the new roles in which both Ithaca, New York State and The United States we, here in Ithaca, must be willing to accept unconditionally inorder to maintain our econimic standing certain. Thus very real basic issues must likewise be fully resolves in the every day life of events and personal development issues-especially for the benefit of the established Youth Culture initiated during the 1960s.
Thus the fist step is a central focus on Childrearing and Parenting.
The following Yahoo Groups are the building blocks for the WebSite Parent's Corner, Ithaca, New York.
Please join, advise and contribute your own knowledge as well.

Lets make Ithaca, The Cultural Magnet Destination City....Mr. Roger M. Christian.

Based upon at least 7 email suggestions, as per the cultural democratic format of this WebSite, Parents Corner is the result.

These are the initial resource development groups, more are to follow.

Mother Visions:
Honor Thy Parents:
See included are Roger M. Christian's quotes.
Here at Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY your comments are taken very seriously. Alternatives in Child Rearing Conferences, State University of New York @ Buffalo, Community Action Corps 1977, Roger M. Christian.
Overall WebSite Star Child 20042001 Final Parents Corner, Ithaca, New York WebSite :

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