Monday, February 23, 2009

New additions to the growing network.

Word Press Blog : Target is the International Students / Scholars. And the Ithaca Central New York's Modeling Registry. Click on the photo above.

Right now the expected unemployment picture for Ithaca, New York at the height of the present economic crisis will be around 4.25 %. If you are an Ithacan this is way too high. None - the - less, while Ithaca will hits this in most case, both cities in New York such as Buffalo, and Binghamton will go into double digits. 12 %, 14% respectedly.

Thus we need more visitors, and Cornell needs and addition Summer registration of 6,000 additional students to assist in bolstering the local economy - its could likewise help their situation as well.

Please post not only your comments, but likewise any news feature you may like wise have.

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