Friday, August 18, 2006

They Kissed in Naples....

GiGi S.

Whats happening?

Ask yourself this.

Want to travel and more often ? Do you want other fellow student / scholars through out the world to know what Cornell life is really about ?

Then the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network has the established network internet power [ via webpage rankings page one ] base to let it happen-virtually overnight. Those who have already traveled have the on hand experiences and based upon those experiences, and once compiled with several others. then costs will likewise go down for others to follow-as knowledge of where the best deals will be reported on these sites..


Online students / scholars - users of Cornell University, this is where you can get involve right from you very own lap top, library computer, office, or home in both privacy and comfort. If you have information or online photos relating to the various websites being developed, then you are the exact person we are liooking for. More importantly, if you look at the [ top website menu bar Cornell ] or [ left side menu bar Ithaca College ] you will see a menu of other items we are looking for. Sort of like a cleaner version of graffiti on the internet, but with several little interesting sociocultural twist. Thus you are being given an outlet to let others in this area of 15 square miles surrounded by reality what you want others locally and through-out the world to known.

Objectively, many have long since known that beauty is Liberation. This high-lighted the 70's. Subjectively, recently beauty is often curtailed by political dulls. Why ? See IVY comment / sdvise on this site. However, in world of increased safety with respects to gender, political rationals really do not have a place in this new era of America. So one of the focus of this site is Liberation-thus clean Pin Ups are encouraged.

This is the travel and information resource internet clearing house on service and socio-cultural events website for students/ scholars within selected and suggested cities - communities. They start on page oneand goes through four, as per top menu for Cornell and Left Sitre Menu for Ithaca College indicates. Moreover, and through the online interactive forms, an information gathering focus-website process is also included with the overall mission of this website.. Here information is solicited from online users about selected communities, the social sphere of campus life and what additional cities - communities should be included in the growing Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Inter - City Cultural Communications website program, the heart of the Nght Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network..

It is how the social sphere conveys of what you are doing or interests are, where others world wide will be able see, and sense campus life at Cornell, and who then will likewise promted by us, as a result of your participation to share in return.

The specifics of which is, and always will be the following focus - mission.

An Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between selected citiies and Ithaca, New York. This is especailly designed for the Student / Scholar, as well as the Budget Traveller. Moreover, it is to promote International cultural democracy. This translates into a series of networking, Inter - City in scope - websites which are based upon the principles of cultural democracy, and family centered in content.

This is International conflict prevention.

RMC / 8-17-2006

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